Westminster Area Lacrosse. WAX is a youth program for beginners and experienced players. WAX provides instructional pockets program for boys and girls ages 5-6. Boys and Girls ages 7-8 play in a Carroll County League with limited travel. Boys and Gi
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Tyker and Lightning Boys Summer clinics

WAX will be having a Tyker and Lightning Nation Clinic starting next week June 29, 2015 and runs until Jul 23rd or possibly the 30 (but we lose a lot of kids to football so we may stick with the 23rd).


Tykers will be on Tuesday and Thursday 6pm - 8pm at Cranberry Elementary School - rear field.


Lightning players will be Monday and Wednesday 6pm - 8pm at Cranberry Elementary School - rear field.


Registration will be handled online. 

The fee is for a t-shirt with some cool design that I am working on for the kids and coaches.  The kids can wear any of their reversible jerseys or pinnies that they have collected over the years.  If they don't have one, I can get some for your child.


If you are new to this Tyker or Lightning Nation - It is basically a clinic style program that we are trying to further develop skills so that we have better teams each year to compete.  Each group is broken down into 3-5 groups and then drills are run with those groups individually for 15-20 minutes.  Sometimes there are drills with the entire group it is all based on how many kids show up each week due to the summer and vacation schedules.

At the end of the night we may have a scrimmage or braveheart play for a little while.  

If you can't make every week that is not a problem.  Most people can't due to other camps, vacations etc.  All kids can use some kind of improvment on basic skills and some footwork etc...

We are working on bringing in some great coaches and even some outside resources or other big school coaches for a week or two for the Lightning level players to hear and learn from others. (still in the works!!)

Coaches - If you have coached in the past for WAX or would be interested in helping out, please let me know.  Everyone has crazy schedules during the Summer so the more the better.  The more the better especially since we try and break the kids into small groups to be able to coach them and talk more directly to them and not just as a big group.


Mark Slater will be running the Tyker side and Chris Jones will be running the Lightning side.  I will be helping out setting it all up and on the field for both of the groups whenever I can so if you have any questions, let me know and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Tyker Level:

1.  Pocket players moving up to Tyker

2.  Returning Tyker players


Lightning Level:

1.  Tyker players moving up to Lightning

2.  Returning Lightning level players

3.  Lighting level players that are moving up to Midget but are not A level players and want to continue to develop skills and fundamentals.

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WAX Elections

The WAX Board of Directors will hold elections at our General meeting on July, 27, 2015.

The meeting will take place at 7 PM, at the Robert Moton Center Activity room.

The following positions will be elected:

Director, Treasurer, Field Maintenance and Field Equipment Coordinator, Girls’ Coordinator, and Assistant Boys’ Coordinator and one member at large.

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Spring 2015 Age Brackets
Age Determination for 2015 Season

(Kindergarten and 1st grade)
Tykers: 9/1/05-8/31/07
(2nd and 3rd grade)
Lightning: 9/1/03-8/31/05
(4th and 5th grade)
Midgets: 9/1/01-8/31/03
(6th and 7th grade)
Juniors: 9/1/99-8/31/01
(8th and 9th grade)

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CDC Concussion Training
The Center for Disease Control has online concussion awareness training for parents and coaches. Please click here to complete the online course, Head's up: Concussion in Youth Sports.
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