Westminster Area Lacrosse. WAX is a youth program for beginners and experienced players. WAX provides instructional pockets program for boys and girls ages 5-6. Boys and Girls ages 7-8 play in a Carroll County League with limited travel. Boys and Gi
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WAX Daily Prize Raffle

Tickets are $5 each
Winners Chosen Each Weekly for the Week (No Sunday Night Drawings)
Drawing Location and Times will be announced on the website prior to drawing
Winners will be Notified


Date Prize Winner Sold By/Team
5/1 $75 Cash  Wendy Bosley  Olivia Bosley/Loudin
5/2 $50 Raphaels  Denise Konold Lainey Konold/Loudin
5/3 $100 Cash  Lauren Crutchfield  Chase Oropollo/Oropollo
5/4 $75 Dicks Gift Card Robert Seeley  Robert Seeley/Pockets
5/5 $50 Cinco de Mayo  David Griffiths  Kristina Hindle/Vallandingham
5/6 $75 Spa on Main Street Ron & Carole Rhodes Tyler Potts/Collins
5/8 $75 Cash  John Zendgraft Wes Zendgraft/Domboski
5/9 $50 Maggies Joe Bartos McKenna Bartos/Pollard 
5/10 $100 Cash Dawn Croft Jacob Kruelle/Collins 
5/11 $50 Texas Road House Shannon Duffy Reagan Duffy/Hook (Pockets)
5/12 $50 Cash  Anthony Mazzuca ??/Oropollo 
5/13 $75 Dick's Gift Card  Emily Whitman Andi Rogow/Hook 
5/15 $75 Cash  Paul Simmen Gabe Albright/Ruby 
5/16 $75 Home Goods  Charles Shifflett Rileigh Miller/Loudin
5/17 $100 Cash  Cathy Knight Mary Parks/Loudin 
5/18 $50 Green Turtle  Lester Dietz  Emmitt Baugher/Domboski 
5/19 $75 Target Gift Card  Appleby Family  Lauren Appleby/Vallandingham 
5/20 $50 Liberty Shop  Mary Middlekauff  Aidan Cignatta/Blair 
5/22 $75 Cash  Becky Manelli Olivia Bosley/Loudin 
5/23 $50 Regal Movie Gift Samantha Dell Grant Otto/Boys Pockets 
5/24 $100 Cash  Crookston Family Michelle Crookston/Loudin 
5/25 $75 Pomeroy Jewelers Pat Witte ??/Christine Hill
5/26 $50 Cash  Jen Hack Melissa Cigntta/Fischer 
5/27 $50 Play it Again Sports Glen Belt Camden Kozimore/Boys Pockets
5/29 $75 Cash  Diane Hughes Ryann Doolan/Vallandingham 
5/30 $50 Papa Joe's  Ben Ocasio Noah Ocasio/Foote
5/31 $100 Cash  Donna Holtby Delaney O'Brien/Fischer