Maryland Express Lacrosse

Maryland Express Lacrosse is a lacrosse club associated with WAX. The sole purpose of Maryland Express is to foster and facilitate an exchange program with the Timperley Lacrosse Club in Manchester, UK. Started in 2009, Maryland Express has hosted twice and traveled to Timperley twice.

The 2012 Tour had 45 boys and girls travelling to Manchester UK for 10 days. The teams stayed with host families form the Timperley Lacrosse Club, and had matches with TLC, Sheffield, Brooklands, Poynton, and the England Lacrosse Academy. Additionally, the Tour had excursions to York, UK and to the always fun Manely Mere.

While MD Express was on hold during the pandemic, it is our hope to resume this program in 2024. WAX will host the Timperley Lacrosse Club in 2024. WAX will then travel as a guest to the United Kingdom to be hosted by the Timperley Lacrosse Club.

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